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Throughout the year, we offer various special offers on our products and services. We do this to promote the importance of health care for pets while helping to make that care more affordable. You’ll find our current specials below.

Wellness Packages

We offer wellness packages to help provide a comprehensive view of your pet’s health. These packages include a physical exam and labwork that can help us monitor and often predict many different health conditions. We currently offer two different levels which may be considered in relation to your pet’s needs. Our Junior packages are most often recommended to dogs under the age of 7 and cats under the age of 8, whereas our Senior packages are most often recommended to dogs over the age of 7 and cats over the age of 8. Please see here for a breakdown of everything our wellness packages include.  

Pets of all ages can join our wellness packages. Call us at (314) 878-8454 today to schedule an appointment and take advantage of this offer!

Heritage Veterinary Hospital